Learner’s Block

An open source project that lets individuals and organisations provide their educational resources, websites and apps to users offline.

Build your own

Core Features

Free & Open Source

An open source, community driven project to keep EdTech in the hands of educators.

Compatible with everything

Add your own EdTech application, website or resource, directly through your browser.

No internet, no problem

Stick it in your pocket and take it where it needs to be. With hardware from as little as $15USD, you can afford to leave it there too. Want to update it later? Bring your new content on a USB Drive and add it on-site.


A multilingual interface translated by people like you makes the Learner’s Block accessible to everyone.

Automatic Updates

A lightweight, durable operating system with automatic updates keeps your Block going as long as you do.

Take your website or app offline

Take your existing website or app offline with a built-in web server and support for Docker containers. Upload through your browser and benefit from all your hard work right in your pocket.

Keeping EdTech in the hands of educators

A new breed of organisation is changing the shape of industries the world over. Community built, community led, community focused projects leave behind the market-based principles and politics that have so often constrained the education sector. Through the Learner’s Block we thrive to keep EdTech truly open, free and in the hands of the education community.

Technical Features

Up to 70x less bandwidth use during updates

Delta updates mean your device will only download the bytes that have changed, reducing the bandwidth demand for low-resource contexts

Low-energy consumption

Compatible hardware starts at 100mA enabling use of portable and renewable energy sources

Multi-architecture support

A wide variety of chipset architectures allows you to use a wide variety of hardware

Space and RAM optimised operating system

A Yocto operating system, optimised Docker daemon and Alpine container technology reduces the footprint necessary to provide your services

Failure-resistant operation

A read-only root filesystem and atomic updates to handle power outages and sudden shutdowns

Host your own fleet management server

Open-source licenses allow you to host and manage your own fleet of devices

All your favourite EdTech applications in one place

Why choose just one EdTech solution when you can benefit from them all? Use the App Store on your Learner’s Block for one-click installation of your favourite EdTech platforms.

How does it work?


Order your choice of hardware from as little as $15USD directly from the manufacturer and install the Learner’s Block software.


Connect to the Block’s Wi-Fi hotspot through your phone, tablet or computer.


Upload your files, website, app or content from our Library directly to the Block through your web browser.


Allow multiple users to connect, view and download through a user-friendly, multilingual interface.

Go the extra mile

Print your own case

When we say that Learner’s Block is open source, we really mean it. You can even download the design files of our cases and print them yourself. Save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get the files

Explore Endless Possibilities with Portainer

Got some technical knowledge?

Learner’s Block runs an instance of Portainer - an open source container management tool - allowing you to deploy micro-services that can run any software you can imagine in its own isolated environment. Need a web backend? Want to run your own app? No problem.

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Vote for New Features

Guide the development and features of the Learner’s Block by voting for the most important through our voting platform.